Bruce Named “Citizen Advocate” of the Year

Bruce was recently named California’s citizen advocate of the year from the prestigious Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

He was recognized for the work accomplished as the President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association (SacTax). Under Bruce’s leadership SacTax achieved a number of majors policy wins for the great citizens of the Sacramento region. These included:

  • Measure A – A Half Percent 40 year Sales Tax Increase in Sacramento County – WITHDRAWN
  • Measure M – One Percent Forever Sales Tax Increase in Citrus Heights, CA – DEFEATED
  • Proposition 15 – Split Roll Property Tax – DEFEATED
  • Proposition 21 – Increased Local Government Rent Control Authority – DEFEATED
  • Change of Election Cycle for County Sheriff, District Attorney, and Tax Assessor – DEFEATED
  • COVID-19 Enforcement Fines of up to $10,000 on Business Within the County – WITHDRAWN

Bruce considers it a privileged to serve his fellow citizens, and it was a very humbling gesture to be recognized for his work.  He received the award with tremendous gratitude! 

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