About W. Bruce Lee

Bruce is an educator, speaker and consultant with decades of high-level governmental and business experience. He’s compelled to share and collaborate out of a desire to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives.

About the Logo

Bruce stumbled upon the image of the Roman soldier while traveling in Pompeii, Italy as a 16-year-old. He was immediately drawn to the symbolism behind the multi-directional faces and had a picture of the image crafted into a personal logo. For Bruce the logo represents looking forward, looking up to God, and not forgetting the past. It also represents the power of threes so often seen around us: water, ice, and vapor; spirit, soul, and body; business, government, and culture. It’s a reminder to approach life with balance, openness, and reflection.

Named “Citizen Advocate” of the Year

Bruce was recently named California’s citizen advocate of the year from the prestigious Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association for work accomplished as the President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association. It was a very humbling gesture, and one received with great gratitude.

At the end of the day, it’s people who matter most.

Bruce Lee is a business management professional and educator with a documented record of performance in managing operations for both the private and public industries, as well as a recognized community leader and accomplished author. His career is an unique blend of the business and government sectors, along with a commitment to ethical principles. This three-fold balance has lead to intriguing insights and approaches to the challenges faced in life, industry, and community. He is a diplomat that blends business management and effective governance for those people that desire prosperity in the developing communities around the world in an era of increasing global opportunities, but which also faces the challenges of secularization and polarization.

Bruce’s Professional Experience

Governmental Affairs:

Bruce served in the Governor’s Finance for the State of California for over a decade, where he provided program oversight and control over various areas of the State’s budget, including the $59 billion Medicaid health insurance program that serves over 7.7 million beneficiaries; the Department of Aging, the Department of Managed Health Care, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, the Health and Human Services Agency, and the $1 billion State Children Health Insurance Program serving 878,000 enrollees, as well as health care reform initiatives. As the control agency representative, he oversaw budget change proposals, developed the programs’ annual spending plans, represented the Governor’s proposals to the Legislature, evaluated legislative proposals, and provided fiscal/policy recommendations to the Governor’s Office.

He also served as the Executive Director of the California Business League, and led this nonpartisan trade association, which acted on the business interests of its members, by driving reform efforts outside of the normal legislative process, as well as working inside the Capitol. As part of this, he drove the redistricting reform process within California to prevent partisan gerrymandering of legislative districts so as to ensure accountability to the voting citizens. He was also a ballot argument author for the acclaimed legislative term limits within California. Through all of this, he represented the views of his members in public forums, including legislative testimony, public debates, media presentations, interviews, TV talk shows, and news conferences.

Having worked years at the state and national levels in government accountability reforms, he was also twice elected mayor of his home community and served in elected office at the county/regional level.

Business Affairs:

Serving as a business coach/instructor, he has worked with various large, national corporations, including ServiceMaster, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Traveler’s Insurance. Other nonprofit organizations include the United Nations’ Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on Project Management, and Communications Theory and Practice for the United Nation’s Regional Office in Arusha, Tanzania.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, he has implemented effective training programs to provide quality low-cost business training for small and medium-sized businesses. Specific focus has been upon the East African Business Resource Centers. As the senior consultant in the business development group of Horizon Management, he has consulted in domestic and international arenas including the Pacific Rim, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Scandinavia. Projects included human resource evaluations, analytical studies, manufacturing negotiations, program operations, real estate research, and management audits.

Academic and Journalist:

Bruce’s business and government experience has prepared him to serve as advanced faculty and Academic Scholar for the University of Phoenix, as well as an adjunct professor for William Jessup University. He is a life-certified college instructor in Business and Industry Management; Government; Public Administration; Marketing and Distribution; and Human Resource Management.

He instructs in Constitutional Law, Public Policy, Finance, Global Business Management, Marketing, Quality Control, and other areas of management and governance. As an author and journalist, he has authored numerous articles, chapters, and manuals on business topics in national and international publications. He addition, he served for years as a columnist in
governmental-business affairs for the Sacramento Union daily newspaper, the oldest newspaper in the Western United States. Likewise, he was the International Affairs Moderator for Public Radio (KXPR) in Northern California.

He is currently completing work on three book titles scheduled for production:

  • There Ain’t No Magic Fairy Dust on effective life and business strategies
  • Confessions of a Local Elected on political philosophy
  • Intentional Living

How can we collaborate?

Bruce would be happy to learn about your people-centered project or campaign and to discuss how he might be able to help.