The Reluctant Candidate

This article was first published in print and online on November 5th in Bruce’s “We the Government” column. For more information about his biweekly syndicated column, be sure to read the introductory post here. Ever notice that we treat our elected officials very kindly? We call them the “Honorable.” We stand when they walk in.Continue reading “The Reluctant Candidate”

Bruce’s “We the Government” Column

Beginning in August, Bruce started writing a bi-weekly editorial column called “We the Government” for a publishing group of over nine newspapers distributed across Northern and Central California. It is both an honor and a great responsibility to be provided a platform that reaches over 500,000 readers, one that Bruce doesn’t take lightly. In additionContinue reading “Bruce’s “We the Government” Column”

Three Months of Observations – Lessons Learned

Good day, dear readers! I’m W. Bruce Lee, President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association (SacTax) which is responsible for all of Sacramento County. My responsibility is to represent you, the taxpayers. You may have read earlier OpEds regarding the November 2020 sales tax increase ballot Measure M in Citrus Heights – which was wisely defeatedContinue reading “Three Months of Observations – Lessons Learned”

Truth: The Foundation of Governance

An article based on the presentation given by W. Bruce Lee at the Promise Governance Institute Conference in Covina, CA on October 8th, 2020. Truth!  Wow, what a novel idea in today’s world!  And according to the recent song, “Truth be Told” by Matthew West, “Truth be told, the truth is rarely told!” With instantContinue reading “Truth: The Foundation of Governance”

Governance and the Lack of Civil Discourse

A Paper and Presentation for the Promise Governance Conference – Covina, CA – August 8-9, 2019. Have we ever wondered what is at the heart of the political divide between the far right and far left in American politics? Is the far right really made up of greedy self interested, self-absorbed people, as they areContinue reading “Governance and the Lack of Civil Discourse”