Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

There are number of ways Bruce is happy to share his business and government expertise with your organization. Whether you need a qualified speaker for an upcoming business conference or an experienced consultant for budgetary or organizational matters, chances are Bruce has experiences and expertise that would help you reach your goals. For an in-depth list of some of his current and past project, please visit the Speaking and Consulting Services page.

Will you travel to my country for a speaking or training engagement?

Bruce loves traveling abroad and speaking in person, as it often provides the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and community. Depending on the needs of your organization, in-person speaking or consulting services are always an option. On the other hand, a live video call may also meet your needs in a more economical fashion. Please feel free to reach out and we can discuss the details.

Where can I find your work and other resources?

There a number of newspapers and podcasts where you can find articles or thoughts from Bruce. He is also currently working on several books that are slated for completion in the coming months. A great place to start though is with the blog on this website, “From Bruce’s Desk.” The goal of the blog is to serve as a searchable database of original content and recommended resources that will benefit you and your organization. Check back regularly for fresh content.

What is the purpose behind your work?

It’s not about money, fame or bragging rights. For Bruce, whether it’s teaching college students the principles of management, or consulting governments on reconciliation initiatives, his primary goal is to share knowledge and skills that are useful to others.

Did you find your answer? If not please contact us.