Is it possible?

This article was first published in print and online on November 19th in Bruce’s “We the Government” column. For more information about his biweekly syndicated column, be sure to read the introductory post here. This column’s primary mission deals with citizen ownership and responsibility for our governments. However, at times I am asked if thatContinue reading “Is it possible?”

A colossal waste of money

This op-ed was first published in the Sacramento News and Review on February 3rd, 2021. All too recently, we anticipated a $54 billion state budget deficit, expecting cuts to funding and resources that would continue the economic onslaught of the pandemic. In the new year, however, we find ourselves with a $15 billion one-timeContinue reading “A colossal waste of money”

Three Months of Observations – Lessons Learned

Good day, dear readers! I’m W. Bruce Lee, President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association (SacTax) which is responsible for all of Sacramento County. My responsibility is to represent you, the taxpayers. You may have read earlier OpEds regarding the November 2020 sales tax increase ballot Measure M in Citrus Heights – which was wisely defeatedContinue reading “Three Months of Observations – Lessons Learned”

Transportation Ignores the People … Higher Taxes, Now? … Really??

This article first appeared in California Political Review on 7/2/20. Hey, are you aware of the half-cent sales tax increase proposed for Sacramento County on the November ballot to raise $8.4 billion over the next forty years for transportation purposes? It would make the countywide tax a whopping 9.25% – higher than 88 percent ofContinue reading “Transportation Ignores the People … Higher Taxes, Now? … Really??”

Opposition to Measure A Coalesces as Disparate Groups Align | Elk Grove News Podcast

On May 22nd, Bruce was interviewed by Elk Grove News about why he and the Sac County Residents Against Measure A are opposed to the sales tax that residents will be asked to vote on in November. Bruce explains the details of the tax and outlines the broad coalition of people and organizations mounting opposition.Continue reading “Opposition to Measure A Coalesces as Disparate Groups Align | Elk Grove News Podcast”

Sacramento Transit Authority, This is No Time to Move Ahead with a Tax Increase

Here’s an excerpt from an article Bruce wrote as the President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, as published in Fox and Hounds: Over the last month, the country has come to a complete standstill.  In early March, at least ten California counties, including Sacramento, ordered their residents to “shelter in place” due to COVID-19: noContinue reading “Sacramento Transit Authority, This is No Time to Move Ahead with a Tax Increase”