Hon.Cllr. Peter Loro, City Council of Juba, South Sudan

Thank you for all that you have and are doing for my country of South Sudan. I am aware that within the last few years you have come to teach and train members of government in South Sudan (including the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) as well as members of the Juba City Legislative Council) at least three times at great effort, expense, and even risk to yourself.

Your instruction was so well received and your practical ability to engage with the Members was excellent. Your insights on how a democratic government is supposed to work, as well as effective management is so encouraging.

And, thank you for understanding the deep complexities of our nation, our tribal groups, our culture, and our overall situation. Your sensitivity to the cultural realities is so appreciated. And, yet with all of these challenges, you bring us practical instruction with grace, humor, and encouragement!