Pradeep Jha, President of Tabernacle Ministries Nepal

After going through your two workshops I was so clear about my understanding about time, financial management. I pondered on it and thought about how to implement it in my life. I shared with my wife about it right away. Then I planned about sharing/teaching this to other leaders in my country who would benefit from it. Just after my trip I gathered 10 young pastors/leaders full of energy and passion to serve God. They knew WHAT but didn’t know HOW. So, I gathered them in my house to go through the teaching I got from you. I explored the 5 assets we ALL have and how to use it. I can explain how much it benefited them. They were so excited about it. I mentored them time to time. And this small group is conducting a nationwide conference where they are inviting about 1000 participants later this month. It was so amazing how they learned and implemented the training. They are saying that this training has helped them to have more confidence.

Thank you so much for investing those few hours in me and I’m taking that to our people. You created a ripple and I’m taking this further. I have so much to learn so I can teach others as well.