Suzanna M. Nye, Chief Monitor and Manager of Field Services, Child Nutrition Programs at the State of California

Bruce is a most talented professional, a highly qualified and recognized leader among his peers. He has served as the statewide expert leadership trainer for the Association of California State Supervisors. As the expert trainer, Bruce has provided excellent trainings and workshops on numerous topic. He is highly effective at mobilizing small and large groups. He does this through multiple strategies, which empower each member of the team at all levels.

Bruce is very humble in his recitation of his executive leadership, management, and supervisory accomplishments. He is a man of his word. His word is his bond. Moreover, his commitment to excellence is only exceeded by his legacy of superior contributions of ‘leader making’ and ’change agent’ building of human capital.

He is a tireless advocate for well run government. He has written and presented numerous issue memos, proposals, and thoroughly researched creative options for increasing the cost effectiveness of quality management, and gained the respect and support of his fellow career executives.

Bruce is an eloquent speaker who is gifted in his command of the English language. His words and stories meld into a symphony of possibilities that he bridges to his participants in order to facilitate linkages that chain key concepts to pathways that help the learner chart their path towards self mastery best practices.

He models his messages, and he walks the talk especially when it comes to being his personal best, not only for others but for himself. He has also served in the highest offices of government, public service, and private industry.