“I want to thank you for your good work on NTLC’s behalf […]. You have been a champion of the principles of good governance within a democratic society for many years. Your efforts locally have extended nationally and even internationally.”

Lewis Uhler, President of the National Tax Limitation Committee

“After experiencing the full course under Professor Lee, I found him to be the best instructor I have had at the University of Phoenix. I learned so much in his class that will last throughout my career.”

Safraz H, a student at the University of Phoenix

“Your teaching was practical, insightful, and encouraging to all of our participants who are working diligently to bring their businesses to the next level of success.”

Edmond Lyatuu, National Training Coordinator of Love Tanzania Business Network

“I had the pleasure of attending your lecture ‘The Power of Focus.’ Thank you so much for sharing your management expertise with all of us!”

llison Cooper, Arbonne Consultant and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

“As the expert trainer for the Association of California State Supervisors, Bruce has provided excellent trainings and workshops on numerous topics, including but not limited to: professional development, giving effective presentations, navigating the bureaucratic maze and much more.”

Suzanna M. Nye, Chief Monitor and Manager of Field Services

“Your insights on how a democratic government is supposed to work, as well as effective management, is so encouraging. Your practical experience in government allows you to provide so many useful tips on how to deal with our real world problems.”

Peter Loro Paulino, Speaker at the City Council of Juba South Sudan

I want to be one of the first to let you know how much all of us have appreciated your unbelievable and undying leadership. … thanks to your great leadership we find ourselves post-election with an unblemished 6-0 winning streak. I couldn’t be more excited or appreciative of what you’ve done, so thank you forContinue reading “Jack Frost, President of Pro Small Biz California”

Jack Frost, President of Pro Small Biz California

I think Jon Coupal and I are probably the two longest serving directors, and I think I’ve been on the board for ten, eleven, twelve years, and by a wide margin your ten and half months of stewardship of our organization has delivered to us the most effective performance in any of the years I’veContinue reading “Craig Powell, President of Eye on Sacramento”

Craig Powell, President of Eye on Sacramento

Thank you for being so supportive of our students and providing rich educational experiences in the classroom. You are an excellent facilitator, and it was a pleasure observing your class.

Kerry Moquett, Ed., University of Phoenix

I consider you a great friend and important mentor. You have shown me courage and that people can make a difference if they can just organize their voice. SacTax has momentum and your organization is growing stronger by the day.

Sue Frost, Sacramento County Supervisor

I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation of the superb business development training you did for us here in Dar es Salaam at the Bank of Tanzania conference facility. … We had a sell-out crowd, which was 36% over our expectations. … The great majority of the participants desire additional training from you andContinue reading “Edmond Lyatuu, National Training Coordinator at Love Tanzania Business Network”

Edmond Lyatuu, National Training Coordinator at Love Tanzania Business Network

We believe your contributions and partnership at this stage will be vital to our success, as a force for re-thinking and re-shaping the role of the church in leading Africa for a brighter future.

Prof. Emmanuel Martey, Chairman AFREG-Ghana Advisory Board

I observed Bruce speaking to large groups at the leadership conference, covering the areas of media, government, and business – all areas in which he has great personal experience and expertise. However, it was in our private discussions where I discovered his personal passion for integrity, God, and assisting others.

Rev. Bernard Owusu Sachie, AE Ghana Team Leader

You have shown exemplary leadership and great generosity. Your spirit of volunteerism and tremendous work ethic are just what our State needs to succeed … .

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Governor of California

Bruce’s organizational and management skills are of the highest standards and his contributions have been an essential part of making this the best State Campaign to date. Overall, his communication skills, demonstrated leadership qualities and creativeness reflect highly.

Paul Stangis, Director of California State Employees Charitable Campaign

Bruce is a most talented professional, a highly qualified and recognized leader among his peers. He has served as the statewide expert leadership trainer for the Association of California State Supervisors. As the expert trainer, Bruce has provided excellent trainings and workshops on numerous topic. He is highly effective at mobilizing small and large groups.Continue reading “Suzanna M. Nye, Chief Monitor and Manager of Field Services, Child Nutrition Programs at the State of California”

Suzanna M. Nye, Chief Monitor and Manager of Field Services, Child Nutrition Programs at the State of California

Often words of esteem go unsaid, but I think it is important to make the time to give some credit where credit is due. Simply said, you listened to and engaged with us. When we finished our dialogue, we felt heard. Not that you agreed with all of our concerns, but you sought reasonable commonContinue reading “Frances Chacon, Principal Consultant, Assembly Human Services Committee”

Frances Chacon, Principal Consultant, Assembly Human Services Committee

Your professional service over the past months in reorganizing and setting up our human resource department has been a great blessing to us. Koinonia has grown far beyond our expectations and very rapidly. Quality has always been your hallmark. Bruce, your positive influence has been felt throughout the entire organization. They have a great dealContinue reading “Miriam Golden, Executive Director, Koinonia Family Services”

Miriam Golden, Executive Director, Koinonia Family Services

Thank you for all that you have and are doing for my country of South Sudan. I am aware that within the last few years you have come to teach and train members of government in South Sudan (including the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) as well as members of the Juba City Legislative Council)Continue reading “Hon.Cllr. Peter Loro, City Council of Juba, South Sudan”

Hon.Cllr. Peter Loro, City Council of Juba, South Sudan

You have been a champion of the principles of good governance within a democratic society for many years. Your efforts locally have extended nationally and even internationally, as you have been requested to speak and invest your time in assisting fledgling democracies in various parts of the world including Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Cameroon, Iraq andContinue reading “Lewis K. Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee”

Lewis K. Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee

Thank you for helping me in my day to day running of my business. I can recall many occasions when your sharp pencil and keen mind guided me in making intelligent decisions. Like when I needed assistance in financial planning, marketing strategies and general management techniques.

Gunn Patel, ServiceMaster Restoration Services

I value YOU as the mind and spirit behind the training. On the contrary, I felt your training and presentation of it were excellent, which is why I would like to share it with my team. 

Allison Cooper, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

After going through your two workshops I was so clear about my understanding about time, financial management. I pondered on it and thought about how to implement it in my life. I shared with my wife about it right away. Then I planned about sharing/teaching this to other leaders in my country who would benefitContinue reading “Pradeep Jha, President of Tabernacle Ministries Nepal”

Pradeep Jha, President of Tabernacle Ministries Nepal

You both did a wonderful job on the seminar yesterday. I thought I was too hurried to attend until I saw your incredible lineup of speakers. I remain so impressed with the entire program.

Joan Barrett, Claims Conference of Northern California

You have so much in you and we need your expertise and experience.

Sovereigna Amoako of Accra, Ghana

Thank you very much for your wonderful visit to Nepal. I heartily honor and appreciate you. You are an awesome and precious man of God. It was a great privilege to organize the business training in Kathmandu. It was a very effective and quality training in Nepal. If you have a chance, would you comeContinue reading “Megh Gurung, Owner, Kingdom Treks, Nepal”

Megh Gurung, Owner, Kingdom Treks, Nepal

We enjoyed your humility, professionalism and zeal, including the Prime Minister and Head of Government. We all look forward to having you again impart to the leaders of Cameroon.

Francis Kimeng, LEAD Higher Institute, Cameroon

I realized you have lots of stored wisdom in that head of yours.

Kim Amos, Outreach Development Coordinator, Elim Services

I’ve been amazed. We’ve been blessed to have [Bruce] all these years, for [him] to give time, real time and resources.  He has great abilities to really come and help us. I like what Bruce says, that it’s not about a talk show–it’s about getting results. How do we move from this point to theContinue reading “Eddie Smith, Vice Chair, Network 58”

Eddie Smith, Vice Chair, Network 58

Your sticking/commitment for the long haul is also a trait I fully honor and salute!

Dr. Stephen Mbogo, International CEO, African Enterprise