The Work of W. Bruce Lee

What it’s all about:

Throughout the world people struggle to prosper, including economic, political, emotional, and spiritual prosperity. Some are searching, while others are blocked from achieving prosperity. 

These individuals and communities may be in the poorest developing countries who are burdened with excessive poverty. Or, they may struggle under oppressive regimes that abuse their citizens and treat them as serfs for their own ends. Others suffer emotional and spiritual hunger to give peace to their aching hearts. 

Perhaps public and private institutions have failed them; economic systems or experiments have been less than fruitful; their social systems have faltered and families are torn apart; and perhaps even religion has been disappointing. 

In this world of quiet suffering, the powerful have abused the powerless. Overall, the world has been filled with conquest and oppression — a history of one strong man taking away from another strong man. 

People of all educational, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds seek greater prosperity. Sometimes they seek for the fast, flashy or sexy solutions, which often offer great hope, but are frequently hollow. Indeed, while the flash and sexy sells, it is the people who matter. Those earnestly seeking to improve their lives deserve stable solutions. Unfortunately, there are generally no quick, nor easy, solutions to economic, governmental, and social ills. However, while there is no “magic fairy dust” to sprinkle on the wounds of the world, gradual improved prosperity is possible for the earnest. 

In attempts to assist individuals or whole elements of our different societies, we must recognize that the three components of any society – economy, government, and culture – are integrated and reinforce each other for sustained prosperity. Our attention is often drawn to economic or governmental reforms, yet thousands of years of government and business endeavors have left millions or billions of people without sustainable prosperity or lacking in key areas of their lives. 

Bruce Lee is a business management professional and educator with a documented record of performance in managing operations for both the private and public industries, as well as a recognized community leader and accomplished author. His career is an unique blend of the business and government sectors, along with the world of faith. This three-fold balance has lead to intriguing insights and approaches to the challenges faced in life, industry, and community. 

He is a diplomat that blends faith, business management, and effective governance for those people that desire prosperity in the developing communities around the world in an era of increasing global opportunities, but which also faces the challenges of secularization and polarization.

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