Below are a few gracious comments from people with whom Bruce has had the joy of previously working.

“Remarkable progress Bruce, thanks to your persistence. Thank you for all your hard work on the PCC. You’ve made it happen. Looking forward to the future.”

―David Guldenschuh, Executive Committee, Phoenix Correspondence Commission

“You are a great man. People here, my group, are so impressed by your empathy and overture. Thank you a billion times. You brought hope and cultivated a spirit of sharing in my groups.”

―Ishmail Thiam, World Vision, Mauritania

“I consider you a great friend and important mentor. You have shown me courage and that people can make a difference if they can just organize their voice.”

―Sue Frost, Chair, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

“You have been a champion of the principles of good governance within a democratic society for many years. Your efforts locally have extended nationally and even internationally, as you have been requested to speak and invest your time in assisting fledgling democracies in various parts of the world including Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Cameroon, Iraq and other venues.

Your solid understanding of the value base that undergirds the success of our self-governing society in the United States, as well as your key administrative and managerial mind for implementation of good public policy, have served you well.”

―Lewis K. Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee

“Often words of esteem go unsaid, but I think it is important to make the time to give some credit where credit is due. Simply said, you listened to and engaged with us. When we finished our dialogue, we felt heard. Not that you agreed with all of our concerns, but you sought reasonable common ground, remained faithful to your principles, and represented your department (and the good of our citizens) very well.

Your ability to establish meaningful rapport based on genuine interest, concern, and respect has set you apart.”

―Frances Chacon, Principal Consultant, Assembly Human Services Committee

“Thank you for all that you have and are doing for my country of South Sudan. I am aware that within the last few years you have come to teach and train members of government in South Sudan (including the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) as well as members of the Juba City Legislative Council) at least three time at great effort, expense, and even risk to yourself.

Your instruction was so well received and your practical ability to engage with the Members was excellent. Your insights on how a democratic government is supposed to work, as well as effective management is so encouraging.

Thank you for understanding the deep complexities of our nation, our tribal groups, our culture, and our overall situation. Your sensitivity to the cultural realities is so appreciated. And yes with all of these challenges, you bring us practical instructions with grace, humor, and encouragement!”

―Hon.Cllr. Peter Loro, City County of Juba, South Sudan

“I’ve never been involved with a committee that was as consistently involved. There’s some magic sauce that you bring to the table that we need to make sure we take advantage of and we leverage it. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I’m thankful that I’m part of the team.”

― Jack Frost, President of Pro Small Biz California

“In our most recent email we arranged your availability to facilitate a Leadership Seminar with the staff of the Prime Minister’s Office. I am please to inform you that Tuesday, July 10th has been retained for the seminar. Participants will include: Technical Advisers, Senior Advisers, Advisers and Research Officers of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.”

―GHOGOMU Paul MINGO, Director of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Republic of Cameroon

“I wanted to say thank you for the great guidance that you gave our class and I look forward to learning more from you in the future. I wanted you to know that it is on rare occasions that I have met a more humble man in my life as when I met you. Your honest approach to coaching young adults paving their way into a bright future was refreshing. I look forward to one day having the opportunity to learn more from you in the future.”

―Michael Angel, University Student

“Bruce’s tenacity, sense of direction, ability to stretch resources, team building and problem solving skills have served him well in some pretty tough battlefields. His excellent focus on root problems rather than on symptoms and his demeanor earn respect. This unique blend along with his personal qualities make him a great contribution to any organization.”

― Charles “Chuck” Collins, President, Raley’s Supermarkets, Inc.

Additional references available upon request.

If you have a specific project or campaign in mind, feel free to contact Bruce for additional references that may be relevant to working together.