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Bruce’s simple hope is to build relationships with those seeking to better themselves and their world through effective government, business, and culture.

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“You have shown exemplary leadership and great generosity. Your spirit and tremendous work ethic are just what our State needs to succeed.”

―Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California

“The quiet example of who you are, your integrity and compassion, inspired all of your colleagues, me included. I treasure the time we had together.”

―Hon. Congressman Tom Campbell

“I want to thank you for your good work on NTLC’s behalf […]. You have been a champion of the principles of good governance within a democratic society for many years. Your efforts locally have extended nationally and even internationally.”

― Lewis Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee

“I just wanted to express our sincere appreciation of the superb business development training you did for us here in Dar es Salaam at the Bank of Tanzania. The fact that we had a sell-out crowd, which was 36% over our expectations, is a strong indication of how relevant your pragmatic business training was. The great majority of the participants desire additional training form you and ranked your presentations as excellent.”

―Edmond Lyatuu, National Training Coordinator, Tanzania Business Network

“You brought a lot of value to our meetings with your questions and suggestions. Your broad leadership experience and giftedness of insight into issues were obvious. Thank you for your partnerships with us.”

―Dela Adaevoh, President, International Leadership Foundation


Bruce served in the Governor’s Finance for the State of California for over a decade, where he provided program oversight and control over various areas of the State’s budget. He’s also held several offices as a locally elected official. More recently Bruce has provided consultative services to government leaders around the world on a variety of topics, from finance to political reform.


As a business coach and instructor, Bruce has worked with various large, national corporations, including: Service Master, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Traveler’s Insurance. He has also developed effective training programs to provide quality low-cost training for small and medium-sized businesses.


One thing that sets Bruce apart in his approach to both government and business is how he values and integrates ethical principles. For Bruce, principles such as self-determination, integrity, respect, kindness, patience, and prudence are the hallmarks of healthy community and organizational cultures.

There’s no “magic fairy dust” for the world’s ills, but there are solutions.

-W. Bruce LEe-

Enacting positive change can be extremely challenging, but with an open heart, a focused mind, and the right strategies, the possibilities are endless. Training or consulting services are tailored to help your organization build the momentum it needs to break through whatever barriers might be holding it back.

About W. Bruce Lee

Bruce is an educator, speaker, and consultant with decades of high-level governmental and business experience. He’s compelled to share and collaborate out of a desire to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives.

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